Judge Profile

Barry M. Cohen

Judicial Experience:

  • 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida, 1990

Biographical Data:

  • Private Practice 1978-1990


  • J.D., University of Miami, School of Law

Professional Civic Activities/Honors/Awards:

  • Assistant State Attorney, 1974 - 1977
  • Assistant Public Defender, 1977 - 1978

Part Rule:

  • Discovery

    1. Do you require counsel to certify that a good faith effort has been made to resolve discovery disputes before motions are brought before you? Yes 2. Do you consider motions to compel responses to written discovery where no response or objections whatsoever has been received or filed without the necessity of a hearing?No. No provision in criminal rules to do this, as opposed to civil.

  • Trial-Related Matters

    1. Continuance of trials When should motions for continuance be heard? Within a reasonable amount of time from when the grounds appear. Which of the following factors are important to determining whether to continue a trial? a. Parties Stipulate? Yes b. Counsel's conflict with other trials Yes c. Unavailability of a party? Yes d. Unavailability of key expert witness? Yes e. Unavailability of key fact witness? Yes f. Incomplete discovery Yes h. Vacations of counsel? Yes i. Others? All of the above are relevant considerations.


  • Dawn McClelland, Judicial Assistant