Judge Profile

John L. Phillips

Judicial Experience:

  • Civil, Criminal and North County Divisions, 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida (1986)
  • Family, Trial and Criminal Divisions, Circuit Court (1990)

Other Professional Experience:

  • Assistant State Attorney, Palm Beach County, Florida, 1976 to 1979

Biographical Data:

  • Private Practice, civil litigation 1979-1986


  • J.D., Ohio State University College of Law, 1976
  • B.S. in Business Administration, Florida Southern College, 1972

Part Rule:

  • Discovery

    1. Do you require counsel to certify that a good faith effort has been made to resolve discovery disputes before motions are brought before you? yes 2. Do you consider motions to compel responses to written discovery where no response or objections whatsoever has been received or filed without the necessity of a hearing? Yes, per local Administrative Order 3. Do you have any standard limitations or procedures reguarding discovery matters not addressed by the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure? no

  • Domestic

    1. What is the procedure for temporary relief hearings? Set after temporary mediation if no agreement reached. 2. What is the procedure for emergency hearings on custody/support? Judge sets hearing if emergency is determined to exist. 3. What is the procedure for emergency hearings on restraining orders? Judge sets hearing if emergency is determined to exist. 4. When is your uncontested divorce calendar? Tues - Thurs 8:45 5. Do you require the respondent to testify in an uncontested divorce? no

  • Miscellaneous Comments

    What suggestions/advice do you have for litigants, counsel and or witnesses? Please be prepared for trial and mediation. Be well versed in the issues to be tried, and keep all testimony and exhibits squarely aimed at those issues. Most attorneys I see are great as is.

  • Motion Practice

    What is the maximum amount of time you allow for a specially set hearing without requiring the hearing to be placed on a non-jury docket? 1 hour Do you prefer to receive memoranda in support/opposition to motions in advance of a hearing or at the hearing? yes How far in advance? 1 week With a courtesy copy of the Notice/Order Setting Hearing? yes Do you have any preference regarding the presentation of proposed orders for specially set hearings? no What is the procedure for scheduling emergency motions?Judge reviews motion to determine whether an emergency hearing is warranted. What is the procedure for scheduling hearings on motions for rehearing or new trials? Judge sets if necessary after reviewing motion.

  • Trial-Related Matters

    Continuance of trials When should motions for continuance be heard? Early Do you specially set cases for trial and if so, under what circumstances? All trials are specially set Do you generally try the oldest case first? N/A Do you have any special rules and procedures for making evidence prior to trial? N/A Do you utilize a writen trial conflict form for docket call?N/A Under what circumstances do you transfer cases over to the Trial Division? N/A