Judge Profile

Renee Goldenberg

Judicial Experience:

  • 17th Judicial Circuit-Broward County Circuit Court

Part Rule:

  • Childrens' Issues

    1. Does court require court approval concerning best interest of child: Before bringing child to court? yes Before child may be deposed? yes Before child may testify in court? yes 2. How does court determine appointment of court appointed professional? Hearing & Order 3. Does court have a criteria before GAL Program will be utilized? No Program

  • Discovery

    1. What discovery problem occurs most frequently? Violation of Fl. Family Law R.P.12.285 2. What suggestions do you have for improvement(s) re: discovery process? Following Fl. Family Law R.P. 3. Do you use special masters for complex discovery hearings? yes 4. Have you used special masters for matters other than discovery? yes

  • Motion Practice: Motion Calendars

    1. If there is a time limit please state the time allowed: Time per side 5 minutes Time per case 5 minutes Time per motion 10 minutes 2. Do you consider motion calendar to be filled when a certain number of motions are received? no 3. What documents/motions need to be attached to notice of hearing? Anything that has to do with the motion 4. Are uncontested final hearings set on motion calendar? yes Is the final hearing set by notice of hearing or by motion and order? Both - attorneys send notices, judge uses orders What documents need to be provided to the court at the final hearing? Final judgements, financial affidavits, marital settlement agreement. If there are children: parenting certificates and child support guidelines Do you permit hearings by conference call? yes Under what circumstances? On motion calendar with notice to J.A. for case management. On special set hearing if other side agrees. What procedure should be followed? Notify J.A. prior to hearing. 6. Who should be contacted concerning questions about motion calendar? Patti Buchholz 954-831-7395 7. What hearings may be cancelled by agreement of counsel?Motion calendar & special sets, set by the attorneys Should your judicial assistant be notified? Only for special sets What hearings may not be cancelled by agreement of counsel?Hearings set by order of the Court. Case management hearings & trials 8. Which of the following motions are properly set on the motion calendar in your division? Motion to quash service Motion to consolidate Motion to dismiss petition Motion to strike allegations Discovery-related motions Motion for continuance or special trial setting Other: name changes; adoptions


    1. Continuances of Trials When should motions for continuances be heard? At motion calendar (need clients written consent) If matter is set before general master should hearing be set before general master? yes 2. When a case is on the trial calendar and is not reached by court: Is the case automatically carried over? All trials are given a specific date & time 3. If not reached because of unavailability of counsel or client? Will court automatically reset the case? Motion to continue must be filed with client's consent & signature & set on motion calendar 4. Which cases do you try first? Child issue cases 5. Do you specially set cases for trial? When noticed for trial? We set for case management At case management call? We set for trial 6. Do you routinely set pretrial or case management conferences when no party requests one? If so, under what circumstance? Yes; as soon as an answer to petition is filed or a temporary hearing is requested If a party requests a conference, when should that be set? Request in writting 7. On contested matters, do you require pretrial statement?No 8. Have you had jury trials on paternity or spousal torts?yes 9. When should the written jury instructions be submitted?Not in family 10. Jury Selection: N/A 11. In non-jury cases, are there time limits routinely imposed on opening or closing arguments? Depends on case


  • Patti Buchholz, Judicial Assistant